Data updates, leaflets, tools and other means of improving performance

You have access to many useful tools, programs, leaflets and plenty more resources enabling you to perform at the highest level in analysing securities, trading and managing risk. We are constantly adding to this section of our website so it is worth taking a look on a regular basis.

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Market data & Real-Time Rates & News

Our trading platform can provide you optionally with real-time and past data. If you do not subscribe to real-time data, you will be sent delayed data for some securities. You decide what is important to you – trading is possible in both cases.

The information provided by news and analyses can often be a key advantage. You can have exclusive access to several sources through and can arrange the sources as you wish.

The prices for the data, rates and news are listed here: Market data & Real-time rates


Please locate the leaflets which interest you and download the leaflets which you need. We will be adding to the resources on a regular basis so we recommend that you check this section occasionally for new entries.